The Network

As humanitarians, we move around a lot. But that makes it all the more important to find ways to stay connected and support each other—in order to bring about the cultural change we need in our work environment.

We currently have active hubs in Geneva, Beirut, Boston and La Paz and more are being organized around the world. To find the HWN hub nearest you, check out our Facebook page, add yourself to our Skype Group or e-mail us directly.

Can’t find an active hub? Start one yourself! Download our “How To” guide—and don’t hesitate to reach out for support from our group to walk you through launching your own.

Expand your Horizons

There are several organizations and initiatives working towards the same goals, and each one of them has its own way of contributing to gender equity in the aid industry. Learn more about them by following the links below:

  • Report the Abuse : this NGO is leading reform around sexual assault of aid workers.
  • CHS Alliance : the alliance has done a lot of work in prevention and response to sexual violence in the humanitarian context.
  • The Headington Institute : Short description: The Headington Institute works for aid worker well-being, and sexual assault is one of their evolving areas of research.
  • Cassandra Complexity blog : this blog discusses gender-based violence as it relates to humanitarian interventions.
  • UN Women : this UN agency is charged with championing gender equality and has some interesting data on the number of women in UN appointments by agency

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